Shenzhen’s life science and wellness industry features a group of enterprises with strong competitive abilities and relatively high market shares. Life science and wellness enterprises enjoy good developmental foundations and industrial advantages in Shenzhen, and the municipality is home to a pioneering cluster of enterprises in the field. The value of Shenzhen’s life science and wellness industry’s output has already exceeded 30 billion RMB, and it ranks first in the world in its next generation sequencing abilities. Biomedical industry sectors such as stem cells, cancer cellular immunotherapy and gene therapy have established sturdy developmental foundations, with a portion of these fields having attained internationally leading positions. Shenzhen’s life science and wellness industry is centered in industrial parks/zones such as Shenzhen International Biovalley and Shenzhen International Low-carbon Town. Two of Shenzhen’s famed local enterprises in the industry are BGI and Beike Biotechnology.