Shenzhen was the first Chinese city to establish a “culture-based city” strategy, and it has pioneered the exploration of many new growth models, including “culture+ science and technology”, “culture + finance”, “culture+ tourism”, etc. In 2015, Shenzhen’s cultural and creative industry enjoyed value added industrial output of 175.714 billion RMB, growth of 13.1%. Shenzhen was the first city nationwide to receive the title of “City of Design” from UNESCO. Design sectors such as industrial design and graphic design are in the vanguard of the nation, and Shenzhen enterprises have led China for four consecutive years in their number of iF international design awards received. Major industrial parks for the cultural and creative industry include Shenzhen National Cartoon & Animation Industry Base, Shenzhen (Tianmian) “City of Design” Creative Design Industrial Estate, and the Sino-Finnish Design Park. Representative local cultural and creative enterprises include Fantawild Holdings Inc and Newplan. -NEW MATERIALS INDUSTRY Shenzhen’s new materials industry features a complete industrial framework, and key sectors of the industry, such as electronic information materials, new energy materials, biological materials, energy saving construction materials, graphene nanomaterials, and metamaterials, are all thriving. In 2015, Shenzhen’s new materials industry produced value added industrial output of 32.924 billion RMB, representing growth of 11.3%. Major industrial parks for the industry include the Guangming Electronic Communication Materials and Pingshan Power Cell Materials centers. Some of Shenzhen’s key local enterprises in the new materials industry include CSG Holding Co., Ltd., the Kuang-Chi Institute of Advanced Technology, and BTR.