Shenzhen, a member of the first group of National Bioindustry Bases in China, is now home to a large gathering of bioindustry enterprises. The municipality’s biomedical engineering and biopharmaceutical sectors are domestic leaders, and fields such as advanced biomedical engineering, gene sequencing and bioinformatics, and cell therapy have ascended to leading positions worldwide. Shenzhen’s biology (bio) sector already features 300 innovative entities spread across many fields and levels (21 of these are national-level enterprises/entities). In 2015, the value added industrial output of Shenzhen’s bioindustry was 25.468 billion RMB, representing growth of 12.4%. Major industrial zones/parks for the bioindustry include Shenzhen International Biovalley, Shenzhen High-Tech Industrial Park, and Shenzhen Biomedicine Innovations Industrial Park. Chipscreen and Mindray are two of Shenzhen’s better known local enterprises in bio-industry.