Shenzhen is one of China’s leading cities for logistics, and its logistics industry produced 178.270 billion RMB of value added industrial output in 2015, representing growth of 9.4%. Shenzhen currently has over 17,000 logistics enterprises, almost 10 of which have operating revenue in excess of 10 billion RMB, and also is the home of 6 publicly listed logistics enterprises. Over 80% of supply chain management companies nationwide have their headquarters in Shenzhen, and more than 60 famous international logistics enterprises have operations in Shenzhen, including America’s UPS, Germany’s Lufthansa, Denmark’s Maersk, and Cainiao. Some of Shenzhen’s major industrial parks for the logistics industry include the Qianhai Bay Bonded Logistics Park, the Yantian Logistics Park, the Da Konggang Aviation Logistics Park, the Pinghu Logistics Park, and the Huanan Logistics Park. Well-known Shenzhen-based logistics enterprises include S.F. Express and Eternal Asia.