About SETO

The Shenzhen Economic and Trade Office (SETO) is an Australia based free business service provider representing the City of Shenzhen, the first Special Economic Zone in China and the largest export city, as well as the center for innovation and entrepreneurship in China. Sponsored by the Municipal Government of Shenzhen, SETO offers guidance and consultation to Australian and New Zealand organisations wishing to enter the Chinese market by means of investment and trade. With a bilateral focus, SETO also serves Shenzhen companies looking to enter the Australian and New Zealand market. In addition, SETO serves as a liaison for the Shenzhen Municipal Government and acts as a point of contact for all economic related inquiries on behalf of the municipal government.

What Do We Offer?

Staffed by experienced business professionals and Chinese government background experts, and supported by Shenzhen City government authorities, our Board of Advisors and our alliances with organizations and professional firms, SETO provides free services to Australian & New Zealand companies ranging from providing trade and investment information and opportunities, business development consulting, and sourcing/outsourcing consulting in Aus. & NZ to arranging field supports, facilitating transactions and initiating government connections in China. Meanwhile, SETO provides information about job opportunities to attract and retain overseas entrepreneurs, inventors, and other professionals to Shenzhen.

How to Contact Us?

Address: Suite 3, Level 7, South Tower, Chatswood Central, 1-5 Railway Street, Chatswood NSW 2067 Australia
Phone: +61 2 9411 2388
Fax: +61 2 9411 7959
E-mail: info@seto.org.au
Office Hours: 10:00 am – 5:30 pm Monday to Friday

Global Locations

Commerce Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality (www.commerce.sz.gov.cn/szinvest/) 

Add:12/F, Great China International Exchange Square, No1,Fuhua Road 1, Futian District, Shenzhen

Tel: (0086) 755-88107023

Fax: (0086) 755-88107008


North American Office (www.shenzhenoffice.org)

Los Angeles

Tel: (001 213) 628-9888

Fax: (001 213) 628-8383

E-mail: northamerica@commerce.sz.gov.cn

New York

Tel: (001 212)968-1888

Fax: (001 212)898-0490

E-mail: northamerica@commerce.sz.gov.cn

European Office www.shenzhen-eo.de




Tel: +49 911 47468022

The United Kingdom

Tel: +44 7780687086

E-mail: info@shenzhen-europe.org

Japanese Office (www.shenzhenoffice.jp) 


Tel: (00813) 5733-2244

Fax: (00813) 3432-5333

E-mail: japan@commerce.sz.gov.cn