The Qianhai Authority signed a partnership agreement March 20 with the authority of Overseas Chinese Economic and Cultural Cooperation Experimental Zone in Shantou City to jointly offer services to young people from Hong Kong, Macao and overseas Chinese on the Chinese mainland.

Huang Min, chief of the Party committee of the Qianhai Authority, said at the signing ceremony that the agreement “marks a new chapter of bilateral cooperation” between Shenzhen and Shantou (both are special economic zones and national strategic platforms). He said the partnership is expected to help both parties to achieve “complementarities of their respective functions and advantages.”

According to the agreement, Qianhai and Shantou will jointly integrate related resources to build a platform for innovation and entrepreneurship for Hong Kong, Macao and overseas Chinese youngsters, as well as to roll out a series of measures to facilitate their work and life on the mainland.

In addition, the two parties will strengthen exchanges and cooperation in institutional innovation, administrative approval system reform, social credit system construction, industrial cooperation, cross-border financial innovation, and the construction of new information infrastructures such as the 5G network.


(Source |China Daily)