Dear foreign friends,

Recently, there has been an outbreak of pneumonia caused by novel coronavirus infection in many provinces (autonomous regions and cities) in China. In view of the epidemic, Guangdong Province activated a Level I public health emergency response on January 23. We hereby remind all foreigners entering China via Shenzhen as follows:

1. Fill in the documents truthfully. According to Article 16 of Frontier Health and Quarantine Law, the Customs shall be authorized to require persons on entry or exit to complete a health declaration form and provide certificates of vaccination against certain infectious diseases, a health certificate or other relevant documents. Please fill in the documents truthfully.

2. Cooperate on quarantine. According to Article 4 of Frontier Health and Quarantine Law, persons, conveyances and transport equipment, as well as articles such as baggage, goods and postal parcels that may transmit quarantinable infectious diseases, shall undergo quarantine inspection upon entering or exiting the country. Please cooperate with the Customs.

3. Cooperate on necessary measures. Based on Detailed Rules for the Implementation of the Frontier Health and Quarantine Law, if a person under inspection is developing symptoms in the test of infectious diseases, the health and quarantine authorities shall take prompt measures to place the person in isolation. Necessary measures of sanitation shall be taken on others under inspection who have been in contact with that person. If the above-mentioned situation occurs, please understand and cooperate with us on relevant measures of quarantine and isolation.

4. Try your best in self-protection and prevention. At present, the epidemic prevention and control is at a critical stage. Please comply with China’s laws and regulations after entry to the country, follow closely the latest public health updates, and cooperate with the Chinese government on measures of epidemic prevention and control. Try to minimize unnecessary outdoor activities, avoid crowded places, keep good personal hygiene, and make good self-protection and prevention.

Please be well-informed of the above information.

Foreign Affairs Office of Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government

Shenzhen Customs

Shenzhen Health Commission

February 6, 2020