2017-02-08 11:02:21

1 Dec 2016

Australian division competition registration begins. Online registration of innovation projects is acceptable. Both individual and group entrants are permitted.

8 Mar 2017

Australian division competition registration ends.

9 – 15 Mar 2017

Online review. Division Competition organisers will organise experts to perform online review of applications from division competitions, and the top four of every industry will be selected by score ranking for the finals of all overseas divisions. Among the rest, 20 will be selected as ‘creative concepts’ to contend for ‘Creativity Prize’ in the Division Competition. Authors of these concepts will also be invited to join the public panel of the Division Competition.

30 Mar 2017

Finals of Overseas Divisions. Various organisers shall invite experts to score various competitors attending finals in the form of on-the-spot road show & open reply. According to the final ranking, The First, Second and Third Prizes shall be determined and corresponding bonus will be conferred. However, based on the final industrial ranking, the top 2 projects shall be selected from every industry to complete finals held in Shenzhen. ‘Creativity Prize’ shall be determined and corresponding bonus conferred.

Industrial Finals. On the day of the industrial finals, finalists shall be divided into five industries and compete amongst each other. Based on demonstrations and debates, professional judges will select all winners for the First, Second and Third Industrial Prizes. The top 3 from every industry shall be selected to compete in the Finals held in Shenzhen.

Mid-Apr 2017

Final. On the day of the Final, 15 finalists will compete in demonstrations and debates. The First, Second and Third prizes will be selected and awarded by score ranking by professional and public judges.

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