Working with a globally leading hospital that specializes in treating cardiovascular diseases, a Shenzhen hospital on Wednesday established a quality inspection base for cardiovascular disease treatment, which aims to reduce the number of Shenzheners dying from related illnesses within five years.

“Chinese Academy of Medical Science Fuwai Hospital is known worldwide for its treatment of cardiovascular diseases and it has high standards for choosing partners,” said Yu Xiaoping, director of the cardiovascular department of Shenzhen No. 2 People’s Hospital. “They will help us train a team of cardiovascular doctors, who are expected to help reduce the number of Shenzhen residents dying from cardiovascular diseases.”

On the same day, Gao Runlin, an academic from the Chinese Academy of Medical Science, set up a workshop at the Shenzhen hospital to offer hands-on training. The cooperation is part of the city’s efforts to bring in outside doctors and hospitals to boost local medical services.

Roughly 23,000 Shenzhen residents suffer from cardiovascular problems every year, according to Yu. Chinese Academy of Medical Science Fuwai Hospital, which ranks No. 1 in terms of the number of heart surgeries conducted every year, and has a death rate of 1.5 percent with heart attacks, much lower than the world average of 5 percent, Yang Yuejin, vice president of the hospital based in Beijing, told reporters Wednesday.

Through the cooperation, the Beijing hospital aims to help reduce the rate of Shenzhen residents dying from heart attacks to 2.2 percent in five years, Yang said. “Our vision for the Shenzhen team in five years is to become a top team in treating cardiovascular diseases,” said Yang.

(Source: Shenzhen Daily)