SIXTEEN major Qianhai enterprises showcased themselves and shared opportunities with overseas exhibitors at the first International Industrial Capacity Cooperation Forum & the 8th China Overseas Investment Fair (COIFAIR) at the Beijing Exhibition Center on Thursday.

The Qianhai Authority and several Qianhai enterprises signed cooperative contracts with overseas companies respectively Thursday morning, allowing Qianhai to step forward into the international arena.

Branches of one of Qianhai’s biggest partners, China Merchants Group — China Merchants Capital Investment Co. Ltd., China Merchants Investment Development Co. Ltd. and China Merchants Logistics Holding Co. Ltd. — inked an agreement to co-establish the Belarus and Europe Industrial Investment Fund.

Shenzhen Qianhai Financial Holdings Co., one of the three companies that are wholly owned by Qianhai, and Shenzhen Investment Holdings Corp. signed a contract to acquire ACR Capital Holdings Pte Ltd. (ACR), the biggest Asian reinsurance company.

The Qianhai Authority, Maiquer Group, Jiuzhoutongtai (Shenzhen) Equity Investment and Management Ltd., Vast Win Asia Co. Ltd., a Bangkok-based aviation company, signed a strategic cooperative agreement.

Li Qiang, chairman of Qianhai Financial Holdings, said that they hoped to better serve the companies in the Belt and Road countries through the acquisition and told the Shenzhen Daily that the purchase amount reached US$1 billion. “Qianhai aims to develop into a reinsurance center, which means that it will attract more reinsurance businesses, thus, we took the opportunity to finish the acquisition so as to provide reinsurance services at home and abroad,” Li said.

“My company was registered in Qianhai in 2014, and just within the past two years we have been able to import and sell our products to mainland customers more conveniently,” said Zhong Yongjun, deputy general manager of Neptune Logistics Group Co., whose businesses are mainly in central Asian countries.

“More importantly, we get investment easily in Qianhai, as it has some foreign banks and many overseas investors,” Zhong added.