September 11th – 13th, 2019

Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, Shenzhen, China

As one of the most vibrant emerging industries in the world, the biotech and health industry is a key front for competition globally in the future. Shenzhen takes great priority of the industry and started to release relevant development plans and supporting policies in 2009. In 2013, the development plan for the health industry and the general development plan for Shenzhen International Biotech Valley were issued. Shenzhen Biotech Industry is growing at an annual average growth rate of 20%. In 2017, the market size of the biotech industry in Shenzhen rose to RMB 29.594 billion, up 24.6% from the previous year, and Shenzhen came to be among the first list of national biotech industrial bases, whose bio-medicine and biopharmaceutical industry ranks the top in China. Shenzhen’s high-techs like bio-medical engineering, sequencing, bioinformatics analysis and cell therapy are playing a leading role in the world. There are 300 various kinds of biotech organizations in Shenzhen, of which 21 are national level. Biotech and healthcare industry, by transforming and upgrading Shenzhen’s general industries, are play an increasingly important role to build “Shenzhen Standard”. Since 2012, Shenzhen Municipal Government has successfully host seven sessions of Shenzhen International Biotech and Health Industry Expo and five sessions of Shenzhen International Biotech Summit, and Shenzhen International Biotech and Health Industry Expo is now recognized as a must-attend industry event for key stakeholders in the bio-science community.

Shenzhen International Biotech Summit 2018 and Shenzhen International Biotech & Health Industry Expo 2018 were held successfully from September 20 to 22 at the Hall 2 of Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center. As an event integrating national and international resources in the biotech and health industry, the three-day Expo in 2018 occupied an exhibition area of 15,000 square meters and was themed on “Developing Smart Healthcare and Forging a New Industry Engine”. Nearly 300 companies joined the Expo and made debuts of 80 innovative products and projects, and over 20 keynote forums were held concurrently, attracting a total of 12,000 trade visitors.

In order to create a better and mutual beneficial atmosphere for the biotech and healthcare industry in Shenzhen, the organizer will host Shenzhen International Biotech & Health Industry Expo 2019 from September 11 to 13, 2019. This year’s Expo will continue focusing on biotech and healthcare industry. By presenting R&D capabilities, capitals, biopharm firms and other relevant resources at the same platform, the Expo plans to discuss topics on how to speed up biotech transformation, how to achieve innovative development and how to upgrade industrial structure. The Expo will bring cooperation between domestic and global resources, and emphasize the features of Shenzhen biotech/ healthcare industry. After re-profiling the exhibition blueprint, an independent exhibition area will be set up to showcase smart healthcare technologies inside the smart biotech zone. Moreover, branched exhibitions and project promotion events in Pingshan District and Yantian District will be included. The Expo also aims to encourage more dialogues and collaboration across biotech and healthcare industries among cities clusters in the Guangdong-Hong Kong- Macao Greater Bay Area, and build up an open and mutually beneficial service platform.

I.Scope of Exhibition

1.Life Information and Innovative Biotech Zone

Latest research outcomes of genomics; data analysis platforms; IT platforms; cloud-computing platforms; bionic manufacturing, biomass and bio-manufacturing; bio-monitoring technologies, genetic testing technologies, diseases diagnostic technologies, health cloud, biomedical products, etc.

2.Digital Healthcare Zone

Medical imaging, medical big data, medical robot, wearable medical device, remote smart medical monitoring, big data cloud, etc.

3.Medical Service Technology Zone

Medical healthcare service, medical informationization, 3D bio-printing, medical equipment, drug e-commerce, mobile healthcare, health examination, etc

4.Healthcare Digitalization and Hospital IoT Zone

Remote medical system, hospital information system, hospital office automation system, pharmacy automation device, smart hospital building and operation, smart pharmacy solution and pharmacy automation device, etc.

5.Biotech Achievement Zone

Biomedical industry park, incubator, innovation center, bio-accelerator, innovation carrier, laboratory center, healthcare investment firms from home and abroad, etc.


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